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About Multi-Factor Authentication for Office365


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June 2014
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Let me explain what is it, what are the benefits and then proceed to explain how to enable, configure and manage it via GUI and PowerShell…

Multi-Factor Auth is a multiple validation system that allows us to fortify the security when accessing out system, but not just that, it also allows us to know when someone is trying to access our data and be able to notify as fraud the undesired access. All this with the simple use of an SMS code, telephone call, mobile phone call or via APP.

Is that means that we have to input a code each time to access my mailbox?

Not exactly, unless you select the send message or call options, our installed APP will be the one in charge to notify us that access request and be able to answer if we authorize or decline it.

What happens with each program on which a make use of my account, will I have to authorize them each time they try to access my data?

Nope, we have the option to configure a unique “APP Password” for every program with a unique activation.

Does that means we can create as many APP Passwords I want?

Nope, we have a 40 APP Passwords limit.

What programs we can use with my APP Password?

We can make use of known programs like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, Office 2013 suite, and some others like Lync mobile client, Windows 8 and 8.1 Mail APP or the Office365 Activation assistant.

What is the name of the APP that I can use to authenticate the access?

The APP is called “Multi-Factor Auth” and it’s available for IOSAndroid and Windows Phone of course, just search for it on the store.

This feature is available for all of the Office365 plans?

Nope, Just for Midsize, Enterprise (E1, E3 and E4) and Standalone (Exchange Online and SharePoint Online) plans, so no Small Business plans are supported.



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