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Office 365, Cloud-Hosted SharePoint


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June 2014
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For organizations that do not want to manage their own SharePoint environment but want to take advantage of what SharePoint provides, Microsoft offers SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 solution, which includes hosted versions of SharePoint, Exchange Server, Lync, and the Office client programs maintained and managed by Microsoft. SharePoint Online is available on a subscription model, in progressive subscription levels that allow selection of the service level that best maps to the needs of the organization.

An organization using Office 365’s SharePoint Online can work with and manage its SharePoint solutions without the responsibility of managing a SharePoint infrastructure. This service, however, comes with some functionality limitations concerning the types and depth of custom solutions that can be created on the platform and the types of third-party solutions that can be leveraged.

As with locally hosted SharePoint, these capabilities are used to create solutions that bring people, information, systems, and business processes together, and SharePoint Online offers the same wide range of capabilities listed in the last section.

The capabilities of SharePoint allow you to create solutions to support your organization’s business needs in a way that is cost effective, can be easily managed, and allows the SharePoint environment to become your central system for managing and accessing enterprise systems and information.



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